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“You won’t find anything better in the Israeli music scene today”

reads a recent review on Rona Kenan's 4th album: “Takeoffs and Landings (2011)

One of her generation's most celebrated and distinguished artists, Rona Kenan’s dark velvety voice, coupled with her biting lyrics, virtuosic guitar playing and striking presence, have all reset the bar on what it means to be a female performer in Israel.


Kenan released four successful and critically acclaimed solo albums, three of which recently made gold status. Her theme album: “Songs for Yoel” (2009) was dubbed “a masterpiece”, “a literary achievement” and “a rare and chafing artistic product.” The album marked a turning point in Kenan's career and had won the singer, songwriter, musical producer and guitarist the prestigious “Acum (Israeli Copyright Society) Award”, as well as “singer of the year” title from major radio stations.


Since the age of 18, Rona Kenan had been collaborating with, and writing songs for her country's foremost musicians. She composed music for various films and television shows, most notably the award-winning documentary “The Cemetery Club”, and won multiple awards. She is an important champion of the gay and lesbian community and was amongst the first Israeli singers to openly speak up on the subject.

Rona’s father, Amos Kenan was one of Israel’s better known writers. His work had been widely translated and was particularly acclaimed in France. 


Following a prolific collaboration in Israel, Rona joined forces with musician Asaf Avidan this past year for his European tour. Aside from playing guitar and singing vocals with his band, Kenan also opened his shows with her solo support act. She played some of France’s biggest and most famous venues to rave reviews.


These days Rona is touring Israel with her band, writing new material in her private studio and preparing for her first solo European tour.

רונה קינןעיר בלי געגוע
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